Thoughts before the Monday Night game

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Defensive lines – Forget about Babin; focus on Jones!

I have concerns about the Titans defensive line but not at the ends. Yeah I know that Jason Babin and Dave Ball have 10 sacks together but we must look behind the numbers. They produced 20 of the 22 sacks against Oakland; Pittsburgh (with Charlie Batch at QB); Denver and Dallas. What is in common of these teams? Not good offensive lines! Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton had 4 very good games this year –each! These guys blocked Mathis and Freeney pretty effectively. Babin and Ball are not even close to those 2 players.

However there is one player the Jaguars must take care of – Jason Jones. He is playing almost Haynesworth-ish level lately. He is the real deal there. He is the one who must be double teamed. Brad Meester must play in a very high level against him (key match up Nr. 1). And Nwaneri -and most likely- Manuwai both must produce a very effective game! I think they can.

The Titans O-line has good players well but the Jaguars D-line can make plays there. Why? Because the Tennessee pass protection has been struggling lately. Last year; they gave up 15 sacks in the 491 passing attempts. This year after 5 games and 121 passing attempts the Titans QB (mostly Young) was sacked 12 times. 80% of the ’09 sack total in 5 games! I hope Joe Cullen took some notes from the tape… The best player is still LT Michael Roos there and he will go against Aaron Kampman; the best D-lineman of the Jaguars (key match up Nr. 2). But the rest of the O-line can be attacked; and they must put the pressure on Young. Alualu has a solid rookie campaign; and Knighton had an up and down season so far. As for the LDE position; I just have one wish- stop the run there Derrick (or anybody who will play there)! And speaking of underachievers; I am starting to have doubts about Larry Hart! Did you noticed him so far in the regular season? Because I barely heard his name being mentioned.  He is supposed to be our Robert Mathis right? Now he is looking like Jorge Cordova to me (=failed experiment). I know the Jaguars have played in just 5 games; but he played all in them and has not recorded a single tackle! Hart is for me a growing concern….