Thoughts before the Monday Night game

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Closing statement:

I think this game will be decided not about who wins the CJ vs. MJD battle; but which QB will pay better. As I wrote, I think the Jaguars will slow down and limit Johnson; and I expect that the Titans will switch off Maurice (who is banged up- don’t forget that). Both QB are inconsistent; and both can produce bad games all of sudden. Last week both of them were very efficient against the Cowboys and the Bills. The difference between the two is that Young is starting to throw accurate deep balls; and with that opens the field. Meanwhile David is throwing short passes- (to mostly  Mike Thomas and Marcedes); which shrinks the field for the Jaguars. This week that will be not enough; I’m sure a defensive mastermind like Fisher will try to take that chance away from David. That will forced at some point the Jaguars QB to gamble a bit and throw long balls to Mr. Unhappy(?); Mike Sims Walker. Cortland Finnegan is talking much better then he playing these days. Let’s make it to an advantage.

Bottom line is – this is a huge game for the home team. The Jaguars can go 4-2; having a 3 game winning streak; and they could win 2 big divisional home games before their home crowd. If they archive that; I am expecting that they will manage to have 1-2 more blackout free games; and with a good game; they can shut some (sometimes fair; but sometimes very negative) critics in every level (attendance-NFL is live and well in Jacksonville-; the way most of the league & nation sees the Jaguars –bad team- ). This is a huge game; against a tough archrival; who knows this team very well. Win this game; and you will get your spotlight and respect (for a while…).

 Prediction: Jaguars 23 – Titans 21

Zoltan Paksa