Walker Little gets praise from Jaguars legend: 'He proved he's got a dog in him'

• Tony Boselli has seen enough of Walker Little to think he'll do well at left tackle
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Hall-of-Fame inductee and Jacksonville Jaguars legend Tony Boselli knows a thing or two about playing left tackle at a high level, so everyone should listen when he says third-year offensive lineman Walker Little he's up to the task of protecting Trevor Lawrence's blindside.

During a recent appearance on the Jaguars Happy Hour, Boselli said he didn't feel like Little inspired confidence and lacked a competitive edge last year. However, he now sees that Little does in fact have a dog in him.

"I think Walker Little went out there out and proved that he had dog in him and he could do it," Boselli said. "And forget about proving it to anybody else. Had this conversation with the young tackle — not on Jaguars — today. To hell with what everyone else is worried about. Don't worry about what the coaches think, or the fans think, or the media thinks, or anyone else thinks."

"It's about you believing in yourself and knowing and having the confidence you'll get it done. And I think that's what happened last year with Walker Little. And I thought he played outstanding, he was a big reason for them having success. And I think you've seen the carryover of that confidence because he's out there right now, blocking whoever they put from", Little said.

A second-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Little spent most of his rookie campaign on the sidelines. However, he made three starts in relief of Cam Robinson. After competing with Jawaan Taylor for the starting job at right tackle, Little began the 2022 season on the bench. He once again stepped in at left tackle and made five starts when Robinson hurt his meniscus.

Following the 2022 season, Little seemed to be in the driver's seat to replace Jawaan Taylor, who signed a four-year deal worth $80 million with the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency. However, Robinson is set to miss the first four games of the 2023 season while he serves a suspension for violations to the league's PED policy.

With Robinson unable to go, Little will be lining up at left tackle for at least the first four games of the 2023 season and there's a reason to believe he will fare well. Last year, he allowed just one sack on 234 pass-blocking snaps and he should be better with a full offseason to prepare for the spotlight.

HOFer Tony Boselli is right about Jaguars OL Walker Little

Boselli also added during his exchange with J.P. Shadrick that Little was playing as good as Robinson last year and if the former plays well during the latter's absence, the team's brass should keep him at left tackle.

"Here's the deal. Let's say Cam comes back, you're 4-0 and Walker Little is playing dominant left tackle. You're going to ask him to move? I wouldn't, why would you disrupt it? Nothing against Cam. Cam's a good player, " Boselli said.

Boselli is right and he isn't alone when he says that the Jags shouldn't plug Robinson back into the lineup if Little is playing well. You could argue that Robinson is a staple of the offensive line and that he's expected to have a high cap hit this upcoming season. That said, the Jaguars should roll with whoever's playing best.

It's also worth noting that Robinson didn't get hurt, he got suspended. And he wouldn't be in a position to potentially be replaced if he hadn't been caught violating the PED policy. Then again, Little needs to play well for that to happen. And if he doesn't come through, Robinson should most definitely get his job back.

The good news is that Little certainly has the talent to remain at left tackle. Count Boselli among those who believe he'll pull it off.

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