Trevor Lawrence shares prediction for Jaguars offensive playcaller in 2024

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson talks with offensive coordinator Press Taylor on the
Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson talks with offensive coordinator Press Taylor on the / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY

Press Taylor had mixed results as the offensive playcaller for the Jacksonville Jaguars last year. That's led head coach Doug Pederson to consider taking back playcalling duty. However, Trevor Lawrence told the local media that he expects Taylor to dial up offensive plays once again in 2024.

Trevor Lawrence said on the second day of offseason workouts that both Pederson and Taylor have done a good job of calling plays in the past but expects the latter to handle it next season.

"Whichever way that goes, we're going to make the most of it and it's going to be great. I don't know. I haven't had any conversations about anything necessarily changing or staying the same. I'm with you guys," Lawrence said. "I think we've had success with both guys calling plays in the past. Even last year, we could have been better offensively. but we did have some success. And I do like the continuity, the consistency that I have with Press I know him really well.

Lawrence continued, "That's a good thing that we're keeping that intact because it's hard as a quarterback to change around, to change systems, to change play calls all the time. That can be difficult. So I like where we're at. We've made some really necessary changes this offseason already. We just got to implement them and get great at it."

"It's about creating, creating an identity, and being good at what you and I think we have a clear vision and picture of what that is. I'm excited. I'm expecting it to be Press at this point because that's kind of the direction we've been heading, and what I expect. I'm not hearing anything. That's where we're going and I'm excited for it."

Lawrence went on to say that both Pederson and Taylor have included him and listen to his input when he wants to change or tweak something that may have not worked in the past.

Taylor started calling plays full-time last year after holding duty in the second half of several games in 2022. He had success at times but the Jags also struggled to move the ball at different points of the season.

Pederson had the chance to move on from him but kept him around because he felt he did a good job. More recently, he said that he has considered taking back playcalling duty, but Lawrence's comments may indicate that he hasn't made a decision yet. That could change in the months ahead of the regular season. Here's Lawrence's full exchange with the media.

Trevor Lawrence will rebound regardless of who's the Jaguars playcaller

Last year, several things held the offense back. Lawrence, for his part, ranked third in the league with 21 turnovers (14 interceptions and seven lost fumbles). Then again, his protection up front wasn't great, and the coaching staff, regardless of who was calling plays, abandoned the run even when the score was close. In Taylor's defense, he couldn't dial up too many run plays because the offensive line couldn't block.

On the bright side, it looks like the Jaguars have identified the things that prevented them from hitting their stride, and they're making an effort to fix them. Having the same group and continuity could most definitely help. As Pederson pointed out at the end of the season, Taylor could've been better and he thinks he could benefit from another year calling plays. If he doesn't improve, Pederson can strip away playcalling duties from him.

Another thing that will help the Jaguars improve is that they reinforced the offensive line in the offseason. Besides re-signing Ezra Cleveland, who wasn't fully healthy last year, the team's brass signed veteran Mitch Morse to bring stability at center. Expect them to keep adding depth in the trenches, something they lacked last year, in the draft.

The Jaguars could still use a WR1 after letting Calvin Ridley walk in free agency. However, a healthy Trevor Lawrence and an improved offensive line should help the offense bounce back and score lots of points next season.

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