This trade proposal matches the Jaguars with dream WR target in 2024 NFL Draft

• The Jaguars move up to acquire one of the top WR prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft with help of this trade proposal.
Mar 1, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze (WO22) talks to the media
Mar 1, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze (WO22) talks to the media / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars could go wide receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft even after signing Gabe Davis and Devin Duvernay in free agency. After all, they need to fill the void left by Calvin Ridley's departure. At No. 17, the Jags will have plenty of options but if they want to land one of the top prospects in the class, they'll need to trade up. Luckily, Ian Valentino of the 33rd Team has crafted a proposal that allows them to do just that.

In his latest mock, Valentino has Jacksonville receiving the 12th overall pick from the Denver Broncos in exchange for their own first-round pick, a third-rounder, and a fourth. They would then use the selection to take Rome Odunze, while the Broncos get their franchise quarterback of the future, Michael Penix.

This scenario isn't that farfetched when you take into account that the Las Vegas Raiders may also be eyeing Penix. The Washington standout has been routinely projected to go in the second round, but Denver may take him in the first if they think he's their guy. The Raiders won't probably draft him at No. 13, so the Broncos could afford to move down a few spots.

The Jaguars, for their part, would most definitely welcome this trade, as Odunze would give their offense the WR1 it's missing. They met with him at the scouting combine. Whether Jacksonville is legitimately interested in him or they were just doing due diligence remains to be seen. But as Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported, he'll most likely go in the top 10, so Jacksonville would need to trade up to call dibs on him.

Having said that, there's always a chance Odunze, or any prospect, for that matter, won't be drafted where he's projected. If he's available at No. 12, the Jaguars should strongly consider pulling the trigger.

This Rome Odunze trade wouldn't leave the Jaguars devoid of draft picks

What's appealing about this trade is that the Jaguars wouldn't have to give up lots of resources to land Rome Odunze. Sure, it would leave them without a third-rounder but that feels like a fair price to pay to land a WR1. In fact, it may be a much better alternative than pursuing either Tee Higgins or Brandon Aiyuk.

Higgins has requested a trade after getting the franchise tag in free agency. He could be had for maybe a second-rounder and a late-round selection. That's not necessarily a steep price but the Jaguars would also need to give Higgins a new deal. Acquiring Brandon Aiyuk, on the other hand, might be even more costly. He's coming off a banner season, and the San Francisco 49ers aren't reportedly listening to offers. It would probably take a ransom to trade for him.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars would only have to give up compensation to acquire Odunze. It's true that he's not a proven commodity, unlike Aiyuk or Higgins, but he's got a lot of upside and could end up being as dominant as his veteran counterparts.

In the end, many things would have to go the Jacksonville Jaguars' way to acquire Rome Odunze but they should most definitely make an effort to acquire him if the opportunity arises.

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