The Jacksonville Jaguars might be better than the Buffalo Bills

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting ready for a big 2023 NFL season. There are a lot of expectations of them after having a great year last year.

Whenever you take a step as a franchise to the point where you win a playoff game as a young squad, there are going to be thoughts about improving beyond that.

The eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are the standard in the NFL right now. They needed a big effort to take down the Jaguars in the playoffs before winning it all.

One team that has been close with the Chiefs for a few years now is the Buffalo Bills. They are outstanding and they are led by a very nice group of players.

The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot in common on the field.

They have yet to win the Super Bowl with their current core but they have entered the playoffs as one of the favorites for a few years now.

Buffalo has a superstar quarterback in Josh Allen which is what you need to win in the NFL. They also have a stud wide receiver in Stefon Diggs but he was missing from the first day of mini-camp on Monday and the team expressed concerns.

Diggs is one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL right now. That is why the Bills are happy that he returned to practice on Wednesday.

Everything they do on that offense is stuff they can only do because he is there so they need him there badly.

With some of this noise that has been coming out of Buffalo lately, in addition to the fact that the Jaguars have been improving, there is reason to believe that Jacksonville will be better than Buffalo in 2023.

Both teams have exciting young quarterbacks surrounded by exciting young players. Both of them are division winners from a year ago in the AFC as well so we will see them play each other. That game will come in London.

It may be proven right or wrong but as of right now, it is fair to believe that Trevor Lawrence's team has a chance to be better than Josh Allen's team.

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