The AFC South improved dramatically on Sunday afternoon

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the best teams in the NFL. Well, things did get a tad tougher on Sunday as some news came out that makes the division appear to be a bit stronger.

The Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts seem to still have a long way to go so this doesn't really concern them. They need their rookie quarterbacks to play out of their minds to have a chance in this division.

The Tennessee Titans, however, are the team that the Jaguars had to jump over last year to get into the playoffs. They did it and now the Jaguars are hoping to stay above them.

On Sunday, however, the Titans made a move that you'd like to see them not make. They are bringing in DeAndre Hopkins which automatically makes their offense better.

The AFC South as a whole got a but better on Sunday afternoon.

It is somewhat unclear what the quarterback position is going to be in the long term for the Titans but Hopkins should do a good job helping whoever is starting.

They still have Ryan Tannehill listed as the starter with Malik Willis as the backup. Will Levis, who they just drafted here in 2023, is the third-stringer but the plan is for him to eventually be the starter.

That isn't the most ideal situation for Hopkins as of right now so we'll see how it goes for him. Wide receivers haven't had all that much success in Tennessee over the years. All of the elite ones have found success elsewhere.

For the sake of the Jaguars, that is the hope for Hopkins. Yeah, he will be good but the Jaguars can find a way to not let it affect them.

On paper from top to bottom, Jacksonville has a better football team. Hopkins may even be the number three receiver on the Jaguars if he chose them but the threat of him on the field is certainly dangerous.

It will be on the defense to make sure he is contained during the two games that these two meet. This division should be entertaining.

Hopkins wasn't the only big-time player in the South to make headlines either. The Jaguars gave a contract extension to Evan Engram which is very exciting news.

The Jaguars got better for the foreseeable future as well. He helped their offense grow a lot in 2022 and there are new levels to get to here in 2023.

As a whole, the division did improve on Sunday afternoon. The season can't come fast enough as the Jaguars have to show that they can do it again. We'll see how that goes.

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