10 biggest What Ifs in Jacksonville Jaguars history

As the 2023 regular season draws nigh, a look back at the franchise's story up to now may give some insight as to what to expect moving forward.
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No. 6 biggest "What If" in Jaguars history: Covid nixes plans to add a second regular season game in London

There are a lot of things most people wish they could forget from 2020. Among them for Jaguars fans was an announced plan to play not one, but two home games in London for the foreseeable future.

When announced, the news did not go over well with most fans, locally. But, with the singular good 2017 season under Shad Khan's guidance firmly in the rearview mirror, a malaise had fallen over much of the fanbase, and at that point, the financial decision seemed inevitable.

Then, there was a global pandemic. Suddenly, playing games internationally was off the table completely, and when the option returned, the number of Jaguars games had returned to a more palatable single game.

This year, the Jaguars will play two games in London, but the second game is an away game, not counting against the team's home slate.

Had the pandemic not hit, Jacksonville definitely would have played two games in London in 2020, and most likely beyond. Was it the slippery slope so many thought it would be? It's hard to say. Hopefully, the current arrangement of one home game followed by one away game remains the norm.