10 biggest What Ifs in Jacksonville Jaguars history

As the 2023 regular season draws nigh, a look back at the franchise's story up to now may give some insight as to what to expect moving forward.
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No. 7 biggest "What If" in Jaguars history: Wayne Weaver sells the Jaguars to a buyer loyal to North Florida

Talk about turmoil and hand-wringing. When Wayne Weaver suddenly and without warning sold the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011, the city was worried.

Jacksonville residents knew the national perception of their city was not a good one with regard to the NFL. So, when Weaver sold the team to some guy named Shahid Khan, thousands of fans threw up their hands and said, "they're moving."

And the national media agreed. Boy, howdy did they agree. Destinations ranged from Los Angeles to St. Louis to London, and the rumors of the Jaguars' impending departure continued for years and years following the sale, putting the team in a difficult position of trying to prove its loyalty to the fanbase.

It didn't help that the team was awful when it was sold to Khan, and stayed awful for a long time after.

But, it seems the hearty fans of the city of Jacksonville didn't need to worry. Wayne and Delores Weaver were good owners who were loyal to the city. So, loyal in fact, that they specifically sought out a buyer who was dedicated to keeping the team in Jacksonville.

"It’s a commitment that I had to be comfortable with, that [Khan's] plan was to keep the team in Jacksonville. There is not a doubt in my mind that this team will be in Jacksonville"

Wayne Weaver

Make no mistake, Weaver had other suitors for the team, including a man named Ed Roski, who wanted to move the team to LA. But, Weaver ultimately sold to Khan for $40 million less, based on his wish to keep the team in Jacksonville.

Had the Weavers not specifically found a buyer who was determined to make the NFL work in Jacksonville, there's a high probability the team wouldn't be in Duval anymore. But, it turns out, they did, and despite anxiety-inducing moves such as taking a regular season game to London annually, so far Khan has done nothing but stay true to his word. Even if "What if" number 6 seemed to indicate otherwise...