Recruiting Chad Hall, Press Taylor's presser on Day 10 of Jaguars training camp

• The Jaguars are trying different O-Line combinations

• Chad Hall was their guy to replace Chris Jackson

• Press Taylor wants versatile receivers

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson (74), right, drills with offensive tackle.
Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson (74), right, drills with offensive tackle. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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The Jacksonville Jaguars held nine picks at the start of the 2023 NFL Draft but after a series of trades, they came out with 13 players. Although not all of them will make the 53-man roster, many of them, including some picked on Day 3, have already made an impression in training camp.

Offensive coordinator Press Taylor met with the local media on Day 10 of Jaguars training camp and talked about the progress some of the rookies and other players have made in recent days. For example, he said offensive lineman Cooper Hodges has brought a physicality and notes that he's done a good job on team periods.

Hodges has been pumping up fans before practice starts and throughout training camp. He's here doing it Sunday, via Juston W. Lewis of The Florida Times-Union.

Here are other topics Taylor discussed that stood out:

3. The Jaguars are trying different combinations on the O-Line

Teams must be prepared in case injuries hit, which is why the Jaguars are trying different offensive-line combinations in training camp. With Ben Bartch still recovering from a knee injury he suffered last year and veteran Tyler Shatley being held back in practice, the coaching staff had Blake Hance at right tackle, Chandler Brewer at left guard, and Walker Little at left tackle.

During his exchange with the media, Press Taylor talked about the purpose and benefits of having offensive linemen line up at different positions.

"It gives us an opportunity to evaluate everybody. Put everybody in certain situations," Taylor said. "These environments are so controlled from what we're trying to get out of each thing, what period is for us."

"I don't really think it's that big of a shock to the system to have a different group you would love to have the same five to create continuity within the group, but at the same time, we liked the idea of rolling and creating that atmosphere. It's gonna come from somewhere in the season," Taylor said.

As Taylor noted, the Jaguars would like to remain injury free on the trenches but that's not realistic. By having different players know multiple positions, the Jaguars will be as prepared as they can in case one or more starters go down during the regular season.