Ranking the last 10 Jaguars first-round picks in the NFL Draft

• The Jaguars have had 10 picks in the 1st-round since 2017. Here's how they stack up in a ranking.

2018 NFL Draft
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6. Leonard Fournette, RB - Pick 4, 2017

Running backs don't have nearly the same impact they had 30 years ago. Since teams no longer build their offense around them and can find a good one in later rounds, the position has been devalued considerably. Yet, the Jaguars thought it was a good idea to draft Leonard Fournette fourth overall in 2017.

Make no mistake, Fournette was a good player coming out of LSU but it was puzzling to see the Jaguars draft him over Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Leaving aside his draft slot, Lenny had a solid, but not great stint, with the Jags. Although crossed the 1,000-yard mark twice in Jacksonville, he only averaged more than 4.0 yards per carry once in a season.

A contract impasse, along with the ascension of a rookie James Robinson, led the Jaguars to release Fournette before the 2020 season began. Fournette went on to win a Super Bowl ring as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but he's coming off an underwhelming season with the Buffalo Bills and is currently without a team.

5. Anton Harrison, OT - Pick 27, 2023

Here's where picks are getting to get a higher ranking based on projection. Anton Harrison mostly lined up on the left side in college but made the transition to right tackle as a rookie last year. Even though he got off to a rough start to his NFL career, he progressively got better and by the end of the season, he looked like a seasoned veteran.

Harrison should keep improving whether he remains at right tackle or eventually switches back to left tackle. Either way, the Jags found a keeper in the former Oklahoma Sooner.