Ranking the last 10 Jaguars first-round picks in the NFL Draft

• The Jaguars have had 10 picks in the 1st-round since 2017. Here's how they stack up in a ranking.

2018 NFL Draft
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8. Taven Bryan, DT - Pick 28, 2018

The Jaguars got plenty of flak for taking defensive tackle Taven Bryan in 2018 because they were coming off an AFC Championship appearance but could've used an upgrade at quarterback. Blake Bortles had already proven he wasn't the long-term answer behind center and Lamar Jackson was still available. Yet, the Jags chose to bolster their defensive line.

Had the pick worked out, Jacksonville wouldn't have gotten as much criticism but it didn't. Bryan had an underwhelming four-year stint with the Jags while Jackson has gone on to earn league MVP honors twice. In Bryan's defense, he had that one great game against the Buffalo Bills in 2021, but that's it.

More recently, Bryan got a new one-year deal from the Indianapolis Colts after signing with them in 2023. He played for the Cleveland Browns the year before.

7. Devin Lloyd, LB - Pick 27, 2022

In fairness, linebacker Devin Lloyd hasn't been dreadful, but he hasn't been great, which is not what the Jaguars expected when they traded up and back into the first round to take him 27th overall. Lloyd had ups and downs as a rookie. Although he was benched at one point of his rookie season, he eventually got his job back.

Lloyd was a bit more consistent in his second season but still left a bit to be desired, failing to make any big plays. Working in his favor is that the Jaguars hired Ryan Nielsen as their defensive coordinator after the 2023 season. Under Nielsen, Lloyd should be able to make a leap. If he does, he should make a jump in this ranking.