Ranking Jaguars biggest NFL Draft gems of the last decade

• The Jags have found a handful of draft gems in recent years. Here are the five best of the last decade.

Dec 23, 2018; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars outside linebacker Telvin Smith (50) runs
Dec 23, 2018; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars outside linebacker Telvin Smith (50) runs / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Gardner Minshew, quarterback - Round 6, pick 178, 2019

The Jaguars finally pulled the plug on Blake Bortles in 2019. The only issue is that they failed to find an adequate replacement, let alone an upgrade. They signed Nick Foles that year but they didn't have many better options. Maybe if Foles had stayed healthy, there's a chance he would've given the Jags a spark but he hurt his clavicle early in the season and was gone after 2019. The silver lining is that his absence paved the way for Gardner Minshew to start.

It didn't take Minshew long to take the league by storm, making the Jaguars relevant and winning a few games along the way. He did enough in his rookie season to earn a shot at seizing the starting job long-term in 2020. Unfortunately, former general manager Dave Caldwell left the roster devoid of talent, which made it difficult for the mustachioed quarterback to win.

To make matters worse, Minshew dealt with an injury that hindered his performance and later had him benched. By the end of 2020, Jacksonville had clinched the first overall pick in the draft, and there was a 99.9 percent chance they were going to take Trevor Lawrence with it, casting doubt on Minshew's future with the team.

Once the Jags drafted Lawrence, Minshew requested a trade, noting that he wanted to compete for a starting job. He was eventually shipped to the Philadelphia Eagles, effectively putting an end to Minshewmania. The former Washington State Cougar went on to spend two seasons in Philly, and more recently, he kept the Indianapolis Colts in the thick of the playoff race in relief of Anthony Richardson.

In retrospect, Gardner Minshew gave Jaguars fans something to root for, and that, he will never be forgotten, even if his stint in Jacksonville only lasted two years.