Ranking every Jacksonville Jaguars pick from the 2024 NFL Draft

• The Jaguars came out of the draft with 9 players.

• Here's a ranking of all of them based on value and need

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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7. Deantre Prince - Jaguars, CB

  • Round 5, pick 153 - Ole Miss

The truth is that it's hard to argue against this pick. Cornerback was among the Jaguars' biggest needs entering the draft, so they should be commended for double-dipping at the position. At 6'0" and 185 pounds, Deantre Prince has some intriguing tools to work with.

Prince will need to work on his tackling technique and do a better job of diagnosing routes at the NFL level, but he could develop into a dependable backup. All things considered, that's what you want from a Day 3 pick, and the only reason Prince doesn't get a higher ranking is that he's not expected to have a huge impact early in his NFL career.

6. Javon Foster - Jaguars OT

  • Round 4, pick 114 - Mizzou

Cam Robinson is expected to be on the roster in 2024. That means Anton Harrison is back at right tackle and Walker Little will once again be the swing tackle. However, Robinson and Little are scheduled to become free agents next year. It looks like the Jags are bracing themselves for their potential departure and have already started looking for options.

With the 114th overall pick, the Jags drafted Javon Foster. The former Mizzou Tiger has ample experience lining up at left tackle and could replace Little as the swing tackle next year. If he shows promise in 2024, he might even get a chance to compete for a starting job next season. However, he'll need to hone his footwork and his hand usage if he wants to earn consideration for much more than a backup role.

5. Myles Cole - Jaguars DE

  • Round 7, pick 236 - Texas Tech

Defensive end Myles Cole is generating lots of hype despite the fact that he's a seventh-round pick. The reason is that he's got outstanding physical traits. At 6'7" and 203 pounds, the former Texas Tech Red Raider ran the 40-yard dash in 4.67 seconds. On top of that, his arms were the longest among pass rushers in the 2024 draft class. Put everything together and Cole gives the Jaguars a prospect with immense upside.

Having said that, Cole is not much for a project right now. He'll need to improve against the run and add more moves to his pass-rush arsenal. If he does, he'll get a higher spot when this ranking is revisited. For now, he gets the fifth spot.