Ranking 5 players the Jacksonville Jaguars could trade for during the 2023 NFL Draft

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Player 1 the Jacksonville Jaguars should trade for on Draft Day: Budda Baker, DB

Just like DeAndre Hopkins, safety Budda Baker asked the Arizona Cardinals to trade him. But unlikely Hopkins, Baker wouldn't mind staying if he gets a contract that makes him the highest-paid safety in the league.

You could argue that Hopkins signed in 2020 a four-year deal worth $59 million and should honor it. However, that premise is flawed when you consider that clubs always won't do the same and will try to release players if they think they can save up money. Also, Baker should totally ask Arizona for a new contract or be traded to a team that is willing to give it to him while he's at the top of his game.

Keep in mind that Baker is the kind of player that can take over games and offensive coordinators must game plan for, so even though the Jags don't have a particular need at safety and have a limited account of cap space at their disposal, they should at least give it a thought.

The roadblocks to acquiring Baker are clear, the Jags just restructured Rayshawn Jenkins' contract and Andre Cisco is a pretty talented safety in his own right. Furthermore, the Jags might need to start putting money aside to re-sign core players such as outside linebacker Josh Allen and Trevor Lawrence.

On the other hand, Baker could potentially turn the Jaguars' secondary into a strength, which could come in handy against powerhouses such as the Kansas City Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills, and the Cincinnati Bengals, teams they're scheduled to face in 2023. Again, there are a few things stopping Jacksonville from pursuing Baker but could be the proverbial missing piece that gets them over the top.

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