Ranking 5 players the Jacksonville Jaguars could trade for during the 2023 NFL Draft

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Player 4 the Jacksonville Jaguars should trade for on Draft Day: DeAndre Hopkins, WR

Most of the time, players will either request a trade because they want a new contract or because they're not thrilled about where their respective team is headed (e.g. rebuild). In All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins' case, it seems to be the latter, as he no longer seems to be interested in being a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

Just recently Hopkins was asked what clubs he would like to play for and four were brought up: The New York Jets, the New England Patriots, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Buffalo Bills. The player known as Nuk ruled out the first two and gave a nod to the other two, which isn't surprising when you take into account that both the Chiefs and Bills are Super Bowl contenders.

Based on Hopkins' choices, he wants to have a shot at winning and he indicated on social media that he isn't looking for a raise, so whichever clubs he ends up joining wouldn't have to give him a new contract. Although they weren't brought up, the Jaguars are also poised to return to the playoffs, so they should be an appealing destination for the player known as Nuk.

While it's true that the Jaguars have limited space to sign players, they could work around the cap to trade Hopkins, who would give Trevor Lawrence yet another weapon.

Imagine Lawrence throwing passes to a group of skilled-position players that includes Christian Kirk, Zay Jones, tight end Evan Engram and Hopkins. Their offense would be among the top 5, possibly top 3, in the league. Then again, precisely because the Jags are already set at wide receiver, it's highly unlikely that they will trade for Hopkins.