Prominent NFL voice shreds outdated narrative about Jaguars relocating to London

• Rumors about the Jaguars relocating to London have been swirling for a while

• Pete Prisco recently explained why the Jags aren't making the move

Oct 1, 2023; London, United Kingdom; Fans arrive on Olympic Way during an NFL International Series
Oct 1, 2023; London, United Kingdom; Fans arrive on Olympic Way during an NFL International Series / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Certain narratives stick even if they've been disproven a while back. That seems to be the case with the Jacksonville Jaguars potentially relocating to London. Although they have actively been working to secure renovations to EverBank Stadium, some NFL talking heads keep insisting that permanently moving overseas seems to be inevitable for the Jags.

Just recently, Danny Kannel of Sirius MX said the Jaguars were exploring a move to London given the success they've had when they've played there. Pete Prisco of CBS Sports was having none of it and went to bat for the Jags, pointing out that they've put in significant effort to remain in Jacksonville and aren't going anywhere.

"They just spent millions on a brand new practice facility. They're going to renovate the stadium, " Prisco told Kannel when he suggested they were considering leaving Jacksonville for London. "They're building a whole thing outside the stadium that Shad Khan is building, they're not going anywhere."

Kannel then asks Prisco whether he would bet on the Jags not being a "satellite NFL franchise" in the future with a presence in London. Prisco said in response that they'll have two games, just like they did this year: One home, one away. He then adds that other clubs would follow suit and will give up a home game when they see the kind of money the Jaguars make playing overseas.

Prisco is right, Jacksonville is playing two games but only one counts as a home one. The Week 5 bout against the Buffalo Bills counted as an away game. Here's the full clip, in case you haven't seen it.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have proven they don't want to move to London or anywhere

Ever since the Jaguars started playing one game in London, rumors about them relocating have been persistent. Jason La Canfora reported back in 2012 that a move across the pond could soon happen. He doubled down on his report the following year. Fast forward to 2013, and it hasn't yet happened.

More recently, Mike Florio brought up the Jaguars as a likely candidate to permanently move since they played in London twice this year. However, all the moves the organization has made suggest relocation isn't in their plans. Jaguars owner Shad Khan has made a huge investment in the area surrounding the Bank. Moreover, they built Miller Electric Center, which wouldn't have happened if they had set their sights on London.

Last but not least, they've actively been looking for alternative venues around Jacksonville to host games while the Bank undergoes remodelations. Why waste time, effort, and resources in doing all this if you want to relocate to London?

Time and again, the Jaguars have shown they're committed to remaining in Jacksonville. Yet, you'll see talking heads talk about relocating to London as if it were a realistic possibility. It isn't, and Pete Prisco took the time to disprove it with facts.

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