One big strength for every Jaguars' pick in the 2024 NFL Draft

2024 NFL Draft - Round 1
2024 NFL Draft - Round 1 / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are seeking to bounce back after missing the playoffs last season. Their 2024 NFL Draft haul should help. In total, the Jags made nine picks, with the defensive line of scrimmage being a primary focus. That said, they also made a few intriguing acquisitions on offense.

Time will tell if their 2024 prospects will be worthwhile selections or busts as we advance toward training camp. For the time being, here is a look at all of their draft picks and a big strength for each one of them.

Brian Thomas, WR - LSU

Biggest Strength: Red-zone weapon

Like many, I was curious about Trent Baalke’s plan at No. 17. They ultimately traded the pick to the Minnesota Vikings and drafted Brian Thomas Jr. with the 23rd overall selection. By drafting Thomas, they get another deep-ball threat for Trevor Lawrence.

There’s a lot to like about Thomas’ length and agility, but for me, the biggest strength he has that the Jaguars need is red-zone efficiency, with 12 touchdown grabs in 2023. 

Maason Smith, DT - LSU

Biggest Strength: Pass rush

Jacksonville added another LSU product with their first selection in Round 2, drafting defensive tackle Maason Smith. The 21-year-old from Louisiana was named to the Freshman All-American Team in 2021 and is coming off a career season.

His arm length is a valuable asset in controlling blockers and enabling the Jags’ D-Line to put opposing quarterbacks under more pressure than we saw in 2023.

Jarrian Jones, CB - Florida State

Biggest strength: Physicality

While I hadn’t anticipated it would take until the third round for Jacksonville to add a cornerback to their room of prospects, Jarrian Jones has some attributes that could benefit this team going forward. 

His biggest skillset that I think will help the Jags is his physicality in coverage, as his aggressiveness against opposing receivers should help them be a little better against the past if they need to call upon him.

Javon Foster, OT - Missouri

Biggest Strength: Run blocking

While Trevor Lawrence is the franchise guy, and everyone in Duval County still hopes he will be this team’s savior, the Jaguars offense needs to establish the run to be successful. That’s where a guy like Javon Foster can help, as he received one of the highest Pro Football Focus grades for run-blocking among those eligible for the draft. 

His ability to manage space in run blocking will come in handy next season. Thanks to his athleticism, he’s also been able to pass-protect quite comfortably.

Jordan Jefferson, DT - LSU

Biggest strength: Stymying the run

The third and final LSU product selected by the Jaguars this year brings plenty of explosiveness and flexibility to the Jaguars’ defensive unit.

Jordan Jefferson is particularly resilient in one-on-one matchups against the run, which could help them be far more effective against some strong running backs.

Deantre Prince, CB - Ole Miss

Biggest Strength: Speed

The path to the pros has not been easy for Deantre Prince, who left for junior college for a season amid a family tragedy but has overcome a lot to be where he is. Since returning, he has been a fixture in the Ole Miss secondary.

With more and more speedy receivers emerging as No. 1 threats, his quick feet and slot-receiver build could help the Jags slow down opposing offenses.

Keilan Robinson, RB - Texas

Biggest Strength: Short yardage

Many NFL scouts noticed Keilan Robinson’s ability to take advantage of cutback lanes, though I don’t believe it’s his strongest trait that could benefit the Jags in 2024. Rather, his ability to squeeze through traffic may be of great use to Press Taylor’s offense. Tank Bigsby struggled in short-yardage situations when needing just a yard or two, and that’s an area Robinson may help in.

Cam Little, K - Arkansas

Biggest Strength: Dependability

If there was one area I didn’t think the Jags would struggle in last season, it’d be in the kicking game. After all, Brandon McManus had a solid track record for accuracy and leg strength coming into the previous campaign. However, he only made 30 of 37 field goals, leading the Jags to bring back Riley Patterson on a reserve future contract.

Cam Little is the most accurate kicker in Razorbacks history, making over 80 percent of his field goal attempts (82.8%) and never missing an extra point. His biggest strength may be his dependability in field position as an All-SEC kick-off specialist who led the conference in touchbacks, finishing fourth in the country in that department.

Myles Cole, DE - Texas Tech

Biggest Strength: Defending the run

Last but not least, we have Myles Cole, who is fast and explosive along the line of scrimmage. His edge integrity makes him stand out from my point of view, forcing runners inside and into traffic, which should enable the Jags to do a much better job slowing down opposing rushing attacks.

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