NFL writer Adam Rank has interesting thoughts on the Jaguars

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars
Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars / James Gilbert/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars seem to be becoming a "sweetheart" team in the eyes of the majority. They are a very good team with a very good quarterback in a bad division.

Well, they still have to go out there and prove it again this year. The Jaguars are a team that hasn't had back-to-back postseason berths this century. In fact, since the end of the 90s, they haven't even had a winning record in a year following a playoff berth.

Most people agree that it feels different this time. Maybe it is the quarterback. Maybe it is the coach. Maybe the fact that the roster is loaded with talent is the key.

One big-time NFL writer believes in this thing as well. Adam Rank is one of the most respected people in NFL media and he is brutally honest a lot of the time.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting plenty of respect this off-season.

He is currently going through his "State of the 2023 (insert team name)" series right now and he released his for the Jaguars on Thursday.

It is a lengthy post that takes some time to read because of all the information and opinion in it but it is well worth it. Jaguars fans will love to hear what he has to say.

Without spoiling it all, again, you can read it here, Rank is a buyer of what the Jaguars are doing. Obviously, the Jaguars need to show him again in 2023 that their run at the end of the 2022 season was a fluke.

Of course, there is a bit of magic involved in starting the season 2-6 and becoming a division winner. It takes even more magic to come back from being down 27-0 in the first playoff game of that season only to come up just short against the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs a week later.

The Jaguars have a great quarterback, a great head coach surrounded by good coordinators, and a GM that is always looking ahead to better his team. The supporting cast is only getting better around Lawrence too.

If the defense can be great, this team could win the first-round bye. Adam Rank seems to think that there are plenty of good core pieces on this defense to get it done too.

All in all, it is good time to be a Jaguars fan. As long as they keep doing things the right way both on and off the field, this type of praise from notable media will continue.

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