NFL talking head calls out Jaguars for not giving Trevor Lawrence a golf cart

• Trevor Lawrence left MFN with an ankle sprain

• He walked to the locker room afterward

• Colin Cowherd wonders why he didn't get a golf cart

• His narrative got quickly shut down

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) shows his frustration after an incomplete pass
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) shows his frustration after an incomplete pass / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY

There are many reasons the Jacksonville Jaguars have finished a season with a winning record just twice the past 15 years. Not having a golf cart at hand isn't probably one of them but don't tell that to Colin Cowherd of the Herd, who believes the Jags are a second-rate team for not having one ready when Trevor Lawrence got hurt in Week 13.

When Lawrence got hurt in the overtime loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, he walked to the locker room instead of being carted off. While there was no need for a medical cart, Cowherd wonders why Jacksonville didn't provide him with one, arguing that that kind of thing is what separates them from good teams in the NFL.

"He's in real pain, he's furious. Players feel sadness, even for the other team. Takes him minutes to get off the field, the team will not be the same without him. He's a wonderful young man met him twice. He wants to play. He can't, he literally can't move, he's so frustrated. And then they show him leaving the field with a security guard. You don't have a cart? For god's sake, it's Florida. Everybody owns a golf cart. A security guard where's Dom [DiSandro] when you need him? He's a $400 million franchise player and a security guard is helping him off the field?"

"That may be a little thing to you but there's a reason the Niners and the Eagles and the Chiefs and the Packers there's a reason teams are good year. After year after year because they commit to the players, Baltimore, see what you want about the Cowboys. They care deeply. It drives them nuts when they lose. They treat their players well. They treat their employees well. It matters. He's the star employee and you don't have a cart for him to leave the field. Maybe you should move to Orlando because you're such a Mickey Mouse operation," Cowherd ranted.

Cowherd goes on to say that it drived him nuts to see the Jaguars not shove Lawrence into a card and would think twice about signing with them if he were a free agent.

From an outside perspective, it's hard to tell what went on. The good news is that Jaguars punter Logan Cooke was there when Trevor Lawrence, and has a good recollection of the incident. Cooke caught win of Cowherd's comments and called him out for speaking without knowing the fact, pointing out that a cart wasn't needed.

Photographer Logan Bowles there too, and can corraborate Cooke's account of the events. Here's his response to Colin Cowherd's comments.

The Jaguars are taking care of Trevor Lawrence, may be without him vs. the Browns

Lawrence went down in the fourth quarter of the 34-31 loss to the Bengals. After undergoing a test in the locker room, an MRI revealed he's got an ankle sprain. He's currently day-to-day and head coach Doug Pederson doesn't think surgery is on the table at this stage.

Given that the Jaguars are set to face the Cleveland Browns in a short week, there's a chance Lawrence won't suit up Sunday. That said, he's going to rehab "around the clock this week to give himself a chance to play through the injury", per Jeff Howe of The Athletic. If the former Clemson Tiger isn't good to go, C.J. Beathard is the next man up at quarterback.

Beathard finished the game in relief of Lawrence, going 9-of-10 for 63 yards. With the game on the line, the backup quarterback connected with Calvin Ridley for a big gain that would've put Jacksonville on the Bengals' two-yard line but the play was wiped out because right guard Anton Harrison was flagged for holding.

Cart or no cart, the Jaguars must now focus on getting back to the win column when they face the Browns in Week 14.

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