Navigating Early Season Challenges: 3 Problems Jaguars Must Fix After Loss to Texans

• The Jaguars are 1-2 after the loss to the Texans

• Here are 3 problems they must fix after the loss

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars
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1. The Jaguars Need to Add a Defensive Difference Maker

The acquisition of a defensive difference-maker holds the potential to transform the entire complexion of the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. It's a move that has been highly anticipated, as the franchise aimed to recapture the glory days of the "Sacksonville" era.

Their attempts to lure the Mayor of Sacksonville back for a second tenure fell short, and with Calais Campbell approaching the twilight of his illustrious career, the need for a formidable presence on the front lines became more pressing than ever. The Jaguars now find themselves at a crossroads, urgently searching for an impact player who can fortify the defense up front.

While the secondary has shown glimpses of resilience and coverage prowess, it can only hold the fort for so long without a consistent and menacing pass rush. The truth is the fate of the Jaguars' defense hinges on its ability to generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks. They can only ascend as far as their pass rush allows.

The urgency for bolstering the pass rush became even more evident when Anthony Richardson exposed vulnerabilities in the Jaguars' defense. If not for a few missed long-range passes, the outcome of that game could have been different. The need for a difference-maker on the defensive line has never been more apparent.

A glaring example of this deficiency surfaced when CJ Stroud dissected a defense that struggled to generate meaningful pass rush after an impressive start with 11 sacks in the first few games of the season. Even against a Texan offense missing four of its five starting offensive linemen, the Jaguars failed to apply significant pressure, allowing Stroud time to pick apart the secondary.

In the free-agent market, there are notable pass rushers available who could provide the much-needed solution to this predicament. Names like Melvin Ingram and Carlos Dunlap, with their proven ability to consistently sack quarterbacks, stand out as potential game-changers. In contrast, players like K'Lavon Chaisson have yet to establish themselves as consistently dominant forces in getting to the quarterback.

The Jaguars' defense cannot afford to allow sustained drives and prolonged opponent possessions, as it only exacerbates the challenges they face. It's abundantly clear that a dynamic pass rusher is not a luxury but an absolute necessity if the Jaguars aspire to reestablish themselves as a formidable defensive unit in the NFL.

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