Navigating Early Season Challenges: 3 Problems Jaguars Must Fix After Loss to Texans

• The Jaguars are 1-2 after the loss to the Texans

• Here are 3 problems they must fix after the loss

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2. The Jaguars Must Protect Trevor Lawrence, Pave the Way for ETN and Company

The anticipation during the offseason was palpable, with high hopes that the Jacksonville Jaguars' offense would ascend into the upper echelons of NFL offenses. The blueprint for achieving this goal was crystal clear: establish a multifaceted attack that could both pass and run effectively. However, as the early games of the season unfolded, it became evident that one critical piece of the puzzle remained elusive — the push from the interior offensive line.

The importance of a robust interior offensive line cannot be overstated. It forms the foundation upon which a balanced offensive strategy is built. Without the ability to effectively run the ball and gain yards between the tackles, an offense becomes predictable and one-dimensional. And playing into the hands of opposing defenses by becoming one-dimensional is precisely what every defensive coordinator dreams of.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, in their current state, cannot afford to shoot themselves in the foot with costly mistakes. The first three games of the season have underscored this point vividly. Dropped passes and a tendency to force the ball to a single player have proven unsustainable. It's abundantly clear that the Jaguars need to address their issues upfront before any promising improvements can materialize.

The return of Cam Robinson from a league suspension for the Jaguars' second game in London offers a glimmer of hope. This development could provide a much-needed boost to the guard position. Shifting Walker Little inside to guard, where his skills and athleticism could shine, might be the spark that ignites the necessary improvements in the offensive line.

The fate of the Jaguars' offense hinges on their ability to rectify these issues in the trenches and recalibrate their strategy, ensuring a more balanced and effective approach moving forward.