Jared Goff's deal should not affect Jaguars' negotiations with Trevor Lawrence

• Jared Goff just got a top-market deal. Trevor Lawrence is also in line for an extension. Goff's deal may not affect negotiations between the Jaguars and Lawrence.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have begun contract talks with Trevor Lawrence. While he's not expected to be the highest-paid quarterback, he should expect a substantial salary bump. Just recently, Jared Goff signed a four-year deal, $212 million with $70 million. Given that Lawrence could be the next signal-caller that inks an extension, Goff's contract could affect negotiations, but there's an equal chance they won't.

Goff has enjoyed a career revival since being traded to the Detroit Lions in 2021. The first-round pick in 2016, the California product made the Pro Bowl in his sophomore season and helped the Los Angeles Rams reach Super Bowl 53. However, he became somewhat stagnant, which led to his departure. Looking back, he benefited from a fresh start in Motor City.

Since the Lions traded for Goff, they've made the playoffs twice and reached the NFC Championship, a feat they hadn't achieved since 1991. Originally seen as a stopgap in Detroit, he's instead shown he's a franchise quarterback and his new contract reflects it. His annual average of $53 million is second only to Joe Burrow's $55 million average. That said, a quarterback's salary isn't an indicator of how good a quarterback is.

However you look at it, Goff isn't the second-best quarterback in the league. However, he happened to be the next in line to get paid. Next will be either Tua Tagovailoa or Trevor Lawrence.

Why the Jared Goff deal won't affect the Jaguars negotiations with Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence said in the offseason that he's engaged in contract talks with the team. General manager Trent Baalke later confirmed it, noting that it was a priority to give the star quarterback an extension.

Since then, it was reported that Lawrence was open to taking a discount à la Tom Brady in exchange for a few things. Those things could include assurances that the organization is going to pour the savings into the roster. The former Clemson Tiger may or may not ultimately take a discount but the Jared Goff deal shouldn't affect negotiations.

Last year, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow signed extensions with their respective teams. The Jaguars were aware of the market then and probably knew there was a chance that Goff was going to get paid. The team's brass also knows that they have a franchise quarterback in Steezy Trev.

Back in 2022, Lawrence played a huge role in Jacksonville's turnaround, and the only reason he regressed last year was because he dealt with injuries and the team's overall talent left much to be desired. The Knoxville, Tennessee native is now healthy and it's fair to assume he'll bounce back with an improved supporting cast around him.

Early in 2023, there was chatter about Lawrence being a top-10 quarterback. If he plays like one next season, the Jaguars will be glad they paid him before he breaks out. Conversely, they'll have to shell out a bigger contract if they haven't extended him by then. Either way, Goff's new deal should have no bearing in Lawrence's future contract.

The bottom line is that Trevor Lawrence will get paid. It's not a matter of if but when. The Detroit Lions moved quickly to lock up Jared Goff. The Jacksonville Jaguars should do the same and give their franchise quarterback a contract extension as soon as possible.

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