Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence can win MVP honors in 2023 but must also clear big hurdles

Trevor Lawrence has a clear path to the Most Valuable Player Award

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Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence has a few things going for him to win MVP honors

Working in Trevor Lawrence's favor is that he's is in the same offensive system as last year with the same coaches and coordinators. He had the largest increase in NFL history in passer rating from year one to year two, a 71.9 to 95.2. During the second half of last year, his passer rating was 104.6.

Before the beginning of last season, I told a friend that if Lawrence could double his touchdown passes and cut his interceptions in half from his rookie season, I'd be ecstatic. That's exactly what he did. I don't expect 50 touchdowns and four interceptions this season, but I also don't see Lawrence regressing.

In fact, a 10-touchdown and 500-yard improvement is not unreasonable and actually quite plausible. So where do ten more touchdowns and 500 more yards come from to get him more aligned with the statistics of recent MVPs? Re-signing tight end Evan Engram was a boon to the offense. He had career highs in receptions and yardage last season, although his four touchdowns felt a little lacking.

Enter Calvin Ridley, a legitimate deep threat who should open up the middle of the field for Engram and allow him more opportunities to score. Ridley, who averaged over eight touchdowns and over 1,000 yards in his first three NFL seasons, also helps Lawrence's cause immensely and immediately. Ridley is the X-factor in the Lawrence-led offense. It is hard to project what he might do after almost two full seasons off. But if Ridley stays consistent with his previous statistics, he'll help Trevor Lawrence put up MVP worthy numbers.

The NFL Network just released their annual Top 100 Players list last week. Trevor Lawrence was number 96. If he defeats the likes of Mahomes, Burrow, and Allen, improves his numbers, wins the division again, and takes his team deep into the playoffs, clear the tracks because the Trevor Train will roll into Top Ten Station, and it'll be hauling an MVP trophy with it.

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