Jaguars stop Saints comeback attempt to win: 6 studs from Thursday Night Football

• The Jaguars beat the Saints on Thursday Night Football

• Here are 6 studs that made it possible

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages
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No. 5 stud from the Jaguars win vs. the Saints: Christian Kirk, WR

Wide receiver Christian Kirk is low-key having a pretty good season. Before Week 6, he was second on the team with 33 receptions for 384 receptions with two touchdowns. On Thursday Night Football, he had yet another productive outing, hauling in six receptions for 90 yards with one touchdown.

His biggest contribution to the game though was without a doubt his 44-yard touchdown with the game on the line. Even if he hadn't scored, he would still had a solid game but he came in clutch when the Jags called his number.

No. 4 stud from the Jaguars win vs. the Saints: Logan Cooke, P

Punters hardly ever get the spotlight unless they're playing really well or badly. On Thursday, Cooke turned heads because he delivered a key completion that gave the Jags a fresh set of downs that helped them kick a field goal before halftime.

On fourth-and-2, the Jags were on the Saints' 46-yard line. It looked like the Jags were going to punt but Cooke got the ball and threw a pass that wide receiver Tim Jones reeled in to get to the 33-yard line.

No. 3 stud from the Jaguars win vs. the Saints: Travis Etienne, RB

Running back Travis Etienne didn't get a big workload against the New Orleans Saints. They could've got him involved after building a lead to enter the third quarter but instead opted to keep him fresh. In the end, the former Clemson Tiger finished the game with a modest 53 carries on 14 carries.

While those numbers don't pop off the stat sheet, Etienne had two touchdown runs, making him the first player in franchise history to have multi-touchdown games in a row.

And that kind of milestone couldn't go overlook. Congrats, Travis Etienne.