Jaguars Rumors: 3 offensive free-agents still out there to consider

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a great team trying to become an elite team. They might be able to do that in 2023 but they need to show they can be great again first.

The defensive side of the ball needs to improve for this team to take the next step. Their offense is great but the defense needs to match it.

There are some defensive free agents out there that can help them get better as soon as this year. It could be the difference.

However, that doesn't mean that they can't upgrade their offense as well. They certainly can. There are some free agents available on that side of the ball to consider. These three should be at the top of the list of offensive free agents to consider:

1. Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook is still a free agent available in late-July which is crazy.

The National Football League has a running back problem. Teams don't value them at all even though they can really help an offense.

Dalvin Cook would be a top-ten running back on most people's lists but he remains a free-agent as we approach training camp.

The Jaguars should try to take advantage of this mistake being made across the league. Cook would help their offense in every way.

They also probably wouldn't have to commit much money or term to him which makes him worth it even more.

The Jaguars already have Travis Etienne who was awesome last year but Cook could help him get even better by taking a load off him.

Jacksonville also has Tank Bigsby in the mix but having Cook for a year could help him develop his game without throwing him into the fire right away.

That might not be the best route but it is something to think about because it also could be a smart move.