Jaguars Rumors: 3 defensive free agents still out there to consider

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2. Marcus Peters

Marcus Peters would be able to help the Jaguars' secondary in 2023.

Marcus Peters may sign with the Las Vegas Raiders soon. At least, that is the rumor floating around at this moment in time.

However, nothing is official yet and the Jaguars could swoop in and get him. He would do amazing things for them on defense.

Like Clowney, he is 30 so he isn't anything more than a solid veteran but bringing in a guy like that could do wonders for a young team.

He is a guy that could make the opposing quarterback think twice about throwing it to his side of the field. The Jaguars could certainly use someone like that.

If they could get him away from signing with the Raiders and have him in Jacksonville, the team automatically becomes better.