Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence not focused on expectations: "We've set new standards"

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) is introduced.
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) is introduced. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA

Following the success the Jacksonville Jaguars experienced in 2022, expectations around them have rightfully raised. However, third-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence isn't paying attention to what others have to say and is instead focused on getting better.

Lawrence met with the local media on the third day of the Jaguars' voluntary offseason workouts and said that he and the team can't focus on expectations", Obviously, you're doing something right when the expectations raise for your team", Lawrence said. "That's just a byproduct of the success we had last year. But still, last year didn't end the way we wanted".

"So it was a good year for our team, for the city, and the organization but there's more out there. We've set a new standard of who we're going to be, the team we're going to be and we've got to start that way this year, so that's the mindset. We don't really think about those expectations much because all we can do is just try to keep getting better and we know for us we feel like that's the floor.".

Lawrence recognizes that the Jaguars have potential but they must focus on the task at hand and work on getting better. "The sky's the limit for us but we've got to get better every week and we've got to focus on what's right in front of us. You can't talk about the Super Bowl right now. You got to look at getting better this week and staking those".

The Jaguars started 2-6 last year but they managed to turn things around and go 7-2 in the second half of the season. One big reason for their turnaround was the improved play of Lawrence. After making a series of costly mistakes in the first eight games, he led several comeback drives to put Jacksonville on the top.

The Jacksonville Jaguars must tune out the noise, get off to a quick start in 2023

Lawrence is right when he says the Jaguars can't think of making the Super Bowl just yet. Even though they won a playoff game in 2022, this is a new season and they must put in the work to once again qualify for the postseason and win the AFC South. They can't let their success last year blind them and must get off to a strong start in 2023.

Even though the Jags had the talent and the potential, they weren't able to figure things out and get going until the second half of the season. Working in their favor this time is that this is going to be the team's second year under Doug Pederson, so having familiarity with the way he works and his scheme should help them be fully ready for Week 1.

And that's the thing, this Jaguars team knows what it takes to win games. It's now a matter of not losing focus and not letting the end goal distract them from doing all the work to get there. Lawrence knows they've got their work cut out to return to the playoffs but he's ready to grind.

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