Jaguars News: Trevor Lawrence is already looking good at OTAs

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games / Michael Owens/GettyImages

OTAs are underway for the Jacksonville Jaguars. There are a lot of reasons to be excited about it as fans. For one, they are going to be a great team this year (we think) so it is fun to see it all come together.

Another reason is that Trevor Lawrence showed up to OTAs along with a lot of the roster. Doug Pederson admitted that he was excited about how many people showed up on day one. There was a full practice field.

Lawrence is entering his third year in the league after taking a huge step in his second season. Big things are expected of him now as he can become one of the elite players in the NFL.

During these OTAs, from the videos that are coming out from the media on the ground, he is looking very good already. He is working on things like his footwork, and his throws, and is already handing the ball off to his running backs.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had Trevor Lawrence on the OTA field.

Travis Etienne is there but we also got our first look at Trevor Lawrence handing the ball off to the freshly drafted Tank Bigsby. This is very good news as they look to take the run game to the next level this year. Of course, that will help them get the attack through the air even stronger as well.

They key to being an elite franchise in the National Football League is having an elite quarterback. The other elite talents across the league are the ones that are helping their franchise make conference championships.

Trevor Lawrence is entering that year where he should be in that conversation. That is why seeing him out there participating in these OTAs is a great sign. He is great and working to become greater which how you achieve heights that most can't.

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