OTAs are extra exciting for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2023

Jacksonville Jaguars OTA's
Jacksonville Jaguars OTA's / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

There are some expectations coming into the 2023 season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Of course, there is some pressure as a result but it is also a good thing because people believe that this is going to be an outstanding football team.

They have come a long way from having the number one pick in the draft. Now that OTA's are officially underway, it is time to get very excited. Not everyone that will play in 2023 is there but the players that are will surely benefit.

Based on some of the comments made ahead of the event, Doug Pederson, Press Taylor, and Trent Baalke are confident about this group and what they can accomplish. With some of the new faces coming to the team along with the development of players already there, it should be great.

If the Jaguars become the team that they are capable of, then these OTA's really should be exciting every year because it reminds us of what they have built here.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot to be excited about going into OTAs.

Pederson admitted that he is impressed with the attendance at this year's OTAs. That is a good thing because that means people are coming to practice because they want to be there.

If there were issues with the team or a projected bad season, the attendance might not be as good. Filling an entire practice field is exactly what you want to see.

An exciting piece of information from this so far is the status of Calvin Ridley. He is at OTAs which is great news for the Jaguars. He is a great receiver who is joining this offense that had the ability to score lots of points already.

OC Press Taylor said that he watched every snap that Ridley has ever taken in order to prepare for this season and his insertion into the offense. With an elite quarterback like Trevor Lawrence there, big things could be coming for everyone.

As OTA's move along, things will get even more exciting. Training camp will be here before you know it and then this preseason and regular season will be not far behind it. With a great year ahead, enjoy the ride.

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