Jaguars News: The entire landscape of the AFC changed again

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to become one of the best teams in the NFL. After the way things went to end the 2022 season, that is certainly possible. 

Week one is in the books and the Jaguars are the only AFC South team that picked up a win. They are 1-0 and in sole possession of first place in the division. 

There are other teams in the AFC though that will impact them and what they are trying to do. It is a loaded conference filled with teams that believe they can win it all. 

One of the teams that believe that can win it all, however, is dealing with a devastating injury. The New York Jets are going to be without Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season thanks to a torn Achilles. 

The New York Jets are going to be without Aaron Rodgers in 2023.

Rodgers left the Green Bay Packers last off-season after playing with them for 18 years. It was shocking to see him switch teams and now he is already done with New York this year. 

His first season with the Jets will end after four snaps where he went 0/1 with no yards. That is a tough stat line after all the hype. 

The injury came when Leonard Floyd sacked him in the first quarter. From there, Zach Wilson came in. He played just good enough for the Jets to pick up a 22-16 win in overtime. 

Although the Jets clearly have a great roster, this is a quarterback-driven league. Without Rodgers being in the lineup for them, that changes the landscape of the AFC entirely. 

It is hard to see the Jets as a contender with things as they are now. They might be able to win some games thanks to their great defense and run game but sustained success may be hard with Wilson under center. The elite teams should be able to win against them more than they lose. 

If the Jaguars take care of their business in a large portion of their games, this could be a conference that they thrive in going forward. Week one is an example of how. 

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