Jaguars GM Trent Baalke will have the chance to silence critics in 2024

• The Jaguars enter the offseason with several roster holes

• That falls on GM Trent Baalke for not properly address needs

• He'll have a chance to redeem himself in 2024

Some Jacksonville Jaguars fans dress up as clowns for the game against the Colts, protesting team
Some Jacksonville Jaguars fans dress up as clowns for the game against the Colts, protesting team / Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY
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Trent Baalke is under pressure to retool the roster

The Jaguars have several glaring holes following the conclusion of the 2023 season. The cupboard isn't bare. Trevor Lawrence, tight end Evan Engram, Christian Kirk, cornerback Darious Williams and bookend pass rushers Travon Walker and Josh Allen, to name a few, give Trent Baalke several building blocks to work with.

Baalke now needs to add a center to replace Luke Fortner, who's been underwhelming, give stability to the left guard position, and get rid of all the dead weight. Players whose performance isn't proportional to their salary must walk the plank. Right guard Brandon Scherff, and defensive tackle Folorunso Fatukasi come to mind.

By now, the Jaguars should know what holes they need to fix, and they cannot afford to lie to themselves again. Last year, they thought they had enough talent in place to return to the playoffs. It was a big miscalculation on their part. And here's the thing. If they do effectively take care of the team's needs, the noise will go away.

Give Trevor Lawrence a good offensive line, and re-sign Josh Allen and Calvin Ridley. Add depth to the roster and fix the interior offensive line. All those are achievable goals, and if they pull it off, they should return to the playoffs. Also, Trent Baalke's seat will cool down considerably.

Conversely, Baalke should be under significant scrutiny if he isn't able to replenish the roster. That's how things work, right? Do a good job, and get the recognition. Fail, and you get what you deserve.

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