Jaguars get beaten badly in Week 16: 3 takeaways from humiliating loss to Buccaneers

Dec 24, 2023; Tampa, Florida, USA;  Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) is sacked
Dec 24, 2023; Tampa, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) is sacked / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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1. The Jaguars are a bad team

At one point, even the most devoted believers give up if you don't show proof. The Jaguars were a good team (with a handful of weaknesses) early in the season. But then, they started losing and they no longer resemble the team that had a chance to seize the No. 1 spot in the AFC as recently as Week 13. This has led to a significant drop in fans' overall trust in the Jags' current direction.

While the loss to the San Francisco 49ers showed that they were still a work in progress, the most recent one has undone everything they accomplished in the first half of the season. The offense can't stop getting out of its own way. The defense cannot stop opposing teams, and all that's left is players and coaches wondering how they got here.

While there are a few individual standouts, the Jaguars are playing like a team with no direction, one that is poorly coached, and a shadow of the one that pulled off the biggest comeback in the history of the playoffs last year. For the last four weeks, they've shown glimpses of being that team only to come crashing down.

What's more frustrating is that the Jaguars don't probably have answers to their current issues because they themselves don't know what's wrong to begin with. With two games to go, they have a realistic chance of letting the season slip through their hands and missing the playoffs after being a trendy pick to clinch a BYE.

At first, it was a bit disappointing to see them lose but their indifference on the football field has affected fans to the point that it no longer matters if they qualify for the postseason or not.

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