Jaguars fans among the most deserving of a Super Bowl win

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars / Frederick Breedon/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars have played in three AFC Championships but never have they reached the Super Bowl. The good news is that they have a favorable chance of making an appearance anytime soon with Trevor Lawrence behind center and head coach Doug Pederson leading the way. But whether the Jags make it to SB 58 or not, their fans have remained loyal through the good and the bad, which is why Maurice Jones-Drew believes they deserve to see the team they root for win a title.

NFL Media asked some of their host and personalities to choose a fanbase deserving of a Super Bowl and Jones-Drew picked the Jaguars and made a good case for them.

"Jags fans have experienced plenty of ups and downs since 1995 (the year the franchise began to play), with the team making only two postseason appearances in the 15 seasons. Stints of postseason glory have been separated by stretches of losing seasons, but optimism is higher than ever heading into 2023. The franchise and fanbase finally experienced sweet success last season, when Doug Pederson, Trevor Lawrence, and Co. downed the Los Angeles Chargers in epic comeback fashion on Super Wild Card Weekend, then nearly knocked off the Chiefs at Arrowhead in the Divisional Round."

Jeffri Chadiha picked the Detroit Lions, David Carr went with the Dallas Cowboys, Judy Battista chose the New York Jets, Marc Ross made the argument for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills' were Nick Shook's pick.

Like the Jags, the Lions have never appeared in a Super Bowl. Cincy is 0-3 in NFL championships, with their latest loss coming to the Los Angeles Rams while the Dallas Cowboys has gone nearly 30 years without a Super Bowl win. The Buffalo Bills lost four straight in the early 1990s and the New York Jets won Super Bowl III, with Joe Namath making his iconic guarantee.

Jaguars fans are indeed deserving of a Super Bowl win

Maurice Jones-Drew might be a bit biased because he played for the Jaguars and was one of their few stars in the early 2010s. However, he's right, Jags fans have gone through a lot. From watching the team draft busts like Luke Joeckel or Taven Bryan to hearing talks about potentially relocating to London, they've had it rough.

You won't hear the media talk about the Bengals moving somewhere else while the Cowboys will often get the spotlight regardless of how good or bad they are. Similarly, the Bills get lots of attention despite playing in a small market. Meanwhile, the Jaguars are often ignored. Some of it it's due to not winning enough games. But even then, when they made the AFC Championship in 2017, they didn't receive nearly as much attention as they should have gotten.

Then again, things are quickly changing. They now have a highly marketable quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, who's quickly cemented himself as the face of the franchise. Also, head coach Doug Pederson is without a doubt the best head coach they've had in a while. You can argue that he's been at the helm for just one season but his presence was felt right off the bat. With him leading the way, the Jags are poised to become a contender for years to come.

Also, the Jaguars are working on getting renovations for Everbank Field, which recently got its old name back, approved. There are a few proposals but once the work is done, Jacksonville will have a state-of-the-art stadium.

Simply, there are many reasons for optimism not just for 2023 but for the foreseeable future if you're a Jaguars fan even if they won't win the Super Bowl. Then again, it would be sweet if they do.

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