Jaguars Draft: 3 players they must avoid in the first round

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The Jacksonville Jaguars need to be careful. They are entering the 2023 season with some expectations now that they were good in the 2022 season.

Expectations can either be failed, met, or exceeded. If the Jaguars want to exceed them, they need to be smart in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Lots of young men will realize their dream during this event but the teams need to be smart if they want to take a step toward winning the Super Bowl.

The Jacksonville Jaguars must avoid these three players if they are serious about winning a Super Bowl eventually:

1. Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson is not someone the Jaguars need to be drafting.

The Jacksonville Jaguars might be smart to trade for or sign another really good running back but they should absolutely not be drafting one in the first round.

Bijan Robinson is the one that lots of people are calling for to be a first-round type of back but the Jaguars don't need to do that.

Travis Etienne might be an elite back as he had an incredible rookie campaign in 2022. He could certainly use some support but it should not come in the way of a first-round pick.

As Jaguars fans know, you can get really good running backs outside the first round. The drop-off at other positions is far bigger so they can't make that kind of mistake.

Bijan Robinson might hit the ground running in the NFL but it isn't what the Jacksonville Jaguars need out of an elite player right now.

Adding depth to the defense and the offensive line should be considered much more important. Even another receiver or tight end would make more sense.