Jaguars: Beating the Buffalo Bills would go a long way

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are supposed to be one of the best teams in the AFC. Through four games, however, they have had some ups and downs. At 2-2, everyone knows that they can be better as the season goes along

If they want to get back to being above .500 and stay there, they really need to take care of their business on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Of course, that is going to take place at a neutral site in London.

Getting the Bills at a neutral site is a bit lucky for the Jaguars. They have been one of the top teams in the league over the last three games. If you ignore the first game of the season against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football (their only loss and the game Aaron Rodgers got hurt), they have a claim as the best team in the NFL. 

What is it that makes the Buffalo Bills so good? It all starts and ends with their quarterback, Josh Allen. He is one of the best and most impactful players in the league and the Jaguars need to keep their eye on him. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have their hands full with the Buffalo Bills.

There is no doubt that Allen is helped out by the fact that he has some tremendous weapons around him. The Bills also run the ball a lot more than they ever have in the Josh Allen era which is helping him out a lot. 

Last year, in the final handful of games, Allen was a little bit too reckless with his throws. He has cleaned it up this year so far which is something the Jaguars can take note of. If they can force him into some of his old habits, the Jaguars can use that to their advantage. 

Another thing to take advantage of here is the fact that it is at a neutral site. The Bills have a significant home-field advantage when they are in Western New York so this is a break playing in London where the Jaguars have a great following. Yes, the Bills are the designated home team. 

Last weekend, the Jaguars were also in London. They took on the Atlanta Falcons and played their best game of the season. They were able to get a big win to end their two-game losing streak.  

The Jaguars need this win. Their season won’t be over by any means if they lose but beating a hot team like the Bills would do wonders for their confidence.