Jaguars RT Anton Harrison proud about growth he's undergone in 2023

Oct 5, 2023; Ware, United Kingdom; Jacksonville Jaguars center Darryl Williams (60) and offensive tackle Anton Harrison.
Oct 5, 2023; Ware, United Kingdom; Jacksonville Jaguars center Darryl Williams (60) and offensive tackle Anton Harrison. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have gotten mixed production from their 2023 draft class but right tackle Anton Harrison, the 27th overall selection, is showing flashes of being a long-term fixture in the trenches. The former Oklahoma Sooner has had rough stretches throughout his rookie campaign but he's also shown considerable growth. Heading toward the end of the season, he spoke about what he's the happiest about.

Harrison told Mia O'Brien of 1010 XL that he's the most pleased with the progress he's experienced this season, noting that he's not too fixated on past mistakes and instead is focused on trying to get better every week.

"I feel like me just coming out every week, just improving," Harrison said. "Just not worrying about what happened last week last Sunday just trying to get better and show on the field that I'm getting better. So that's probably what I'd say that's the most thing I'm happy about."

Harrison has played 98 percent of the Jaguars offensive snaps this season. He's allowed five sacks and 26 pressures. His worst game arguably came against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2. The Washington DC native called having to face Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones his welcome to the NFL moment. He's gotten much better since then, but he's not resting on his laurels, telling O'Brien that his run blocking could still use some finetuning.

"I feel like I've done a decent job, there's still a lot of room to improve in all parts of my game, especially that one. It's little things, like certain angles, finishing blocks, and sustaining. Things like that, that I didn't get to work on and still just getting better every week," Harrison said.

Anton Harrison is poised to become a mainstay of the Jaguars O-Line for years to come

While the jury is still out on tight end Brenton Strange, and running back Tank Bigsby, the Jaguars' draft picks in Rounds 2 and 3, respectively, Harrison has quickly become a mainstay of their offensive line. But as much as he's improved since the start of the season, he's still got more room for growth.

Having played mostly left tackle in college, Harrison switched sides in the NFL. So not only did he make the adjustment to the NFL but he also had to get acclimated to lining up at right tackle. Looking back, the Jags made the right call when they let Jawaan Taylor walk in free agency.

Taylor has struggled with penalties and has only been marginally better, while Harrison has provided stability at right tackle. Even better, they didn't have to devote a considerable amount of cap space to the position. And while the Jaguars should consider making upgrades to the offensive line next offseason, the one position they shouldn't worry about is right tackle.

As Harrison noted, he needs to keep improving, especially his run-blocking, but the Jaguars should be pleased about where he's at in his development with three games to go in 2023.

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