Jaguars: 3 wild trade packages that bring Devin White to Jacksonville

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To Jaguars: Devin White - To Buccaneers: Future Third, Fourth, and Seventh-Round Pick

Lots of picks might be needed for the Jaguars to land Devin White.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team that might take some risks in order to land good players over the next few years. It can't be overstated how important it is for them to try and maximize Trevor Lawrence while they have him.

If he truly reaches his potential as a player, they could really win big in the NFL Postseason if they build around him correctly. Winning the Super Bowl for them would mean that Lawrence continues getting better and the defense gets better.

Sending three decent draft picks away for a Pro Bowl linebacker may or may not be worth it but it would show that this team is serious. A third, fourth, and seventh is a lot but they'd improve their defense right away.

The Jaguars may or may not make a move like this but it is worth exploring now that his name is out there. He would also likely consider it a win for him as he'd get to stay in Florida and go to a team that has a much better chance to win. It is fun to think about.

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