Jaguars 2023 season predictions may be out of control and unrealistic

The 2023 NFL season is upon us, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are generating quite a buzz among fans and analysts alike. It is getting out of control and just ridiculous. 
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Travis Etienne and Tank Bigsby total 2600 rushing yards for the Jaguars

The Jaguars boast a formidable backfield duo in Travis Etienne and Tank Bigsby. Both players possess exceptional talent and versatility, making them valuable assets to the team's offense. Etienne, a former Clemson teammate of Lawrence's, is known for his explosive speed and ability to contribute as a receiver out of the backfield.

Bigsby, on the other hand, is a powerful runner with great vision and strength. This highly underrated 1-2 punch of contradicting backs will be a nightmare for teams to prepare for. 

Etienne should break out as an elite back in 2023. Last year, he had 220 carries with a 5.1 per-carry average and five touchdowns. The Jaguars rushed 448 times last year, an average of 24 times per game. Bigsby should see 90 percent of the Jaguars' non-Etienne rushing attempts this upcoming season. With an improved offense and the Jags anticipated to lead late in games more this year, their total number of rushing attempts should increase to 470-490. 

That would be 30 per game, with Etienne getting 15 and Bigsby 12. With Etienne's 5.1-yard average and Bigsby's 5.1 — 5.7 preseason, 4.7 Jags RB 2 in 2022 — the duo would account for over 2,600 rushing yards for the Jags in 2023. That would put them fourth in the NFL.