Jaguars RB Tank Bigsby is going to be a fantasy steal in 2023

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions
Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars were never a team that people thought of early when thinking about fantasy football.

That is what happens when you are mostly a bad team. However, the script is flipping now as the Jaguars are one of the best teams in the NFL.

To be one of the best teams in the NFL, you need good players. Well, the Jaguars have tons of players that are great. In fact, they are great, young, and only getting better.

Fantasy Football is a big part of the sports conversation in this country. Everybody is going to be doing their drafts in the coming weeks and everybody wants to win.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a few very good players for Fantasy Football.

Well, people might think of Trevor Lawrence, Evan Engram, Travis Etienne, Calvin Ridley, and Christian Kirk when talking about Jaguars in Fantasy Football.

One name that people should keep an eye on, however, is Tank Bigsby. He is a running back that could end up being a fantasy steal as long as he gets enough carries.

Bigsby was drafted in the third round (88th overall) in the 2023 NFL Draft. After having a great career at Auburn, he is looking to have a good career in the NFL.

So far in the preseason, he has been one of the major positives as the Jaguars haven't lost yet. There is a good chance that he becomes a player worth owning in fantasy as he proves how good he is.

Now, Travis Etienne is there as mentioned before. He was a great running back last year as he broke onto the scene. Now, these two might be able to form a really good duo.

Of course, if you are in an eight or ten person league, you probably don't want to have a running back that splits carries.

However, some of these keeper, guillotine, or deep leagues are definitely worthy of a Tank Bigsby ownership. In fact, he could end up being a steal at that point.

If he takes over as the number one in Jacksonville ever, don't be surprised if he becomes worthy in these smaller leagues as well.

As far as football in real life, Bigsby is going to really help the Jaguars' offense move the ball. Trevor Lawrence and the crew are going to put up some points.

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