Jacksonville Jaguars make their trip to London a perfect one

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills
Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills / Peter Nicholls/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the best teams in the NFL. Don't let their early season slump make you think any differently about that. They needed to prove it to everyone, however, as they entered their two Londong games with a record of 1-2.

They got things started last week when they took on the Atlanta Falcons in London. It was the big Toy Story game and everyone was so excited about it. The Jaguars were coming off of two straight tough losses so people were equally as nervous in terms of saving the Jaguars season in the early going.

They played a good game and got the win in that first game against Atlanta. It was a well-played game by the Jaguars as they took it to the Falcons and had control for pretty much the entire game.

Usually, teams only play one game in another country but the Jaguars have a special schedule this year. As they've become known as London's team, they were given two games overseas. The game against Atlanta saw them as the designated home team but this second game had them as the road team.

The Jacksonville Jaguars took on the Buffalo Bills for a 2nd game in London.

They took on the Buffalo Bills who came in playing very well and on a three-game winning streak. Getting a big win against a Bills team playing this well is good no matter where it is being held.

Well, the Jaguars clearly knew that because they came out so strong against the Buffalo Bills. They took an early 11-0 lead and cruised that all the way to a 25-20 victory. Their defense stole the show early and the offense was able to score plenty of points.

On defense, they knew they had a big task ahead of them with Josh Allen's hot offense on the other side. They pressured him well and made it hard to get in a rhythm for most of the game.

It became a battle by the end of the game but the Jaguars prevailed. Trevor Lawrence went 25/37 for 315 yards with one touchdown pass to Zay Jones. Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk had great games as well. Ridley had 122 yards on seven receptions while Kirk had 78 yards on six receptions.

The air game was strong and so was the run game. Travis Etienne had 26 carries for 132 yards and two touchdowns which also helped carry the load. They needed all hands on deck against this Bills team and got a great performance from everyone.

Now, they will return to the United States where they will look to finish the season very strong. Next Sunday, they will take on the Indianapolis Colts at home.

A division rival that they have already played this season is never easy to face but this team is capable of big things. Two big wins in London prove that. Hopefully, this continues.