Ranking 4 potential free agent replacements for Josh Allen

He wants to be back in Jacksonville, but what if he's not?

Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Allen
Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Allen / Morgan Tencza-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Danielle Hunter

One of the top overall NFL free agents available this offseason, regardless of position, is current Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter. And, rather than simply projecting certain fits with the Jaguars, let's go off a recent report that suggests the Jaguars are going to be one of the teams in on Hunter during free agency.

The Jaguars are linked to Hunter, along with the Chicago Bears, as two of the top teams which could pursue him this offseason.

Last year, Hunter finished with a career-high 16.5 sacks. It was his fifth season finishing in double digits in that department, and on an otherwise-lackluster Vikings defense, he was the star. The Vikings likely won't be able to pay Hunter this offseason, either, with deals for Justin Jefferson and potentially Kirk Cousins still looming.

Hunter would be an immediate difference-maker for the Jaguars, especially if they were to lose out on Allen.

Now, if they somehow were able to retain Allen and also sign Hunter? My goodness what a treat that would be for Jacksonville fans. For now, we'll wait and see if Allen gets the tag and what happens at the start of free agency here in a few weeks.