Ranking 4 potential free agent replacements for Josh Allen

He wants to be back in Jacksonville, but what if he's not?

Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Allen
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2. Brian Burns

It seems very unlikely the Carolina Panthers are going to let go of Brian Burns in free agency this offseason, and will at least give him the franchise tag. After all, they turned down two first-round picks from the Los Angeles Rams back before the 2022 NFL trade deadline in exchange for Burns. That's pretty telling.

The 25-year-old is a two-time Pro Bowl player and someone the Panthers have often viewed as a franchise cornerstone. A lot of his more intricate stats may not add up toward tops in the league, but Burns is a disruptor. He played for a defense that finished dead last in sacks in 2023, so with him being the one guy offensive lines can focus on stopping, he's had a hard time proving his worth.

But make no mistake, this guy is as good as the Panthers believe he is. If he traded places with Josh Allen, there is a good chance he'd have been close to Allen's 2023 finish in terms of sacks and overall production.