Jacksonville Jaguars must consider trading for a pass rusher despite 6-2 record

• The Jaguars are one of the best teams in the NFL

• They can be even better if they trade for a pass rusher

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Josh Uche is another great option for the Jacksonville Jaguars at the trade deadline

If the Washington Commanders aren't planning on trading Chase Young or another team outbids the Jacksonville Jaguars, Josh Uche could then become plan B. Uche, a second-round pick by the New England Patriots, isn't nearly as good as Young but he too has been brought up as a potential trade target before the deadline.

Although Uche is a much better pass rusher than a run-stopper, he would be a good fit in Jacksonville. Mina Kimes of ESPN certainly believes so. The Jaguars excel at taking away their opponents' running game. In Week 8, they limited Pittsburgh to 70 rushing yards and were forced to turn to the pass to try to win the game.

When teams become one-dimensional, it presents lots of opportunities for pass rushers to get after the quarterback. That's where the Jaguars could use some help. Josh Uche might be better suited for a reserve role than a feature one. If Jacksonville traded for him, Travon Walker and Josh Allen would still be at the top of the depth chart but Uche could serve as a rotational piece that spells them from time to time and ensures they both remain fresh throughout the game.

Moreover, Uche would be a bit (or considerably?) cheaper to get than Chase Young. He could probably be had for a third or fourth-round pick, maybe a fourth and a sixth. Even if he doesn't sign a contract extension in Jacksonville, he would be a good one-year rental that could propel the Jags into the AFC championship or even further.

In the end, Jacksonville Jaguars don't have to trade for a pass rusher in the trade deadline but they should at least give it a thought.

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