Jacksonville Jaguars get surprisingly high spot in NFLPA's 2024 team report cards

• The Jaguars are one of the top teams in the NFL when it comes to treating their players, according to the NFLPA's latest report.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan talks with the team's first round draft pick Anton Harrison as they walk
Jaguars owner Shad Khan talks with the team's first round draft pick Anton Harrison as they walk / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY

The Jacksonville Jaguars failed to make the playoffs in 2023 but that shouldn't overshadow the fact that they've taken several steps forward as an organization. Just one year after ranking 23rd in the league, the Jags were the fifth-best team when it comes to how their overall treatment of their players in NFLPA's latest report card.

Every year, the NFLPA (the players' union) ranks teams from worst to best depending on several factors, including the head coach, the owner, facilities, nutrition, and sports performance. This year, Jacksonville got mostly positive marks, at least B or better in most categories with the exception of treatment of families, where they got a D.

According to the NFLPA, the Jags are one of 12 clubs that don't offer a family room to player's families during the game. On the other hand, they started offering daycare service but there's work to be done, as it's "unreliable" and isn't "worth bringing their kids to. The Players Association says they're hopeful that's something they can work on in 2025.

On the other hand, both owner Shad Khan and head coach Doug Pederson got rave reviews from players. The former earned an A (third in the league) and the latter got an -A, ranking 19th among his peers. That goes on to show that Jacksonville has the right leadership in place. It's also worth noting that the Jags ranked 21st in strength coaches but still managed to get a B. Here are all the grades the Jags got on this year's report card:

  • Treatment of families: D-, 24th
  • Food/cafeteria: B-, 14th
  • Nutricion/Dietician: B,15th
  • Locker room A-, 6th
  • Training room: A-, 3rd
  • Training staff: B+, 8th
  • Weight room: A, 4th
  • Strength coaches: B+, 21th
  • Team travel: B, 5th
  • Owner: A, 3rd
  • Head coach: A-, 19th

The only five four teams that ranked higher in the survey were the Miami Dolphins, the Minnesota Vikings, the Green Bay Packers, and the Philadephia Eagles.

The Jacksonville Jaguars made a huge leap in NFLPA team reports cards in 2024

Even when you take into account the less-than-ideal treatment toward families, the Jacksonville Jaguars are doing what it takes to enjoy sustained success. Just last year, they were 23rd in the NFLPA's team report card, when rats in the facilities were a concern. They've come a long way since Urban Meyer was the head coach in 2021.

Speaking of Meyer, one of the few positive contributions he had was suggesting the construction of Miller Electric Center, the team's state-of-the-art facility. While the embattled head coach will be remembered for how dreadful he was on and off the field, he deserves credit for wanting players to have the best equipment and technology available, even if his approach was misguided.

You could make the case that the positive marks the Jaguars grade don't mean much because they didn't make the playoffs last year but the truth is that if they keep getting good grades, that will translate into better results on the field. After all, winning in the NFL is not easy but if the organization ensures players have the best resources available, it will show on their performance.

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