Jaguars 2023 NFL Draft: 3 winners and 3 losers from the Anton Harrison pick

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence points receiving help finding a fan.
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence points receiving help finding a fan. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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Jacksonville Jaguars draft Anton Harrison with pick No. 27 in Round 1: 3 Winners

3. Anton Harrison

For starters, Anton Harrison deserves lots of praise for making it this far. Thousands of children grow up dreaming of playing in the NFL but just a minuscule number actually achieve the feat. All things considered, it's not hyperbole to call this Harrison's most important day of his life, at least from a professional standpoint.

Harrison told the media after being drafted that he expected to be drafted late in Round 1. However, prospects can always slide and he surely felt relief when he heard his name called. After the conclusion of the first round, he told the media that he was glad he landed in Jacksonville.

Moving forward, the Washington D.C. native will have the chance to show everyone why the Jags drafted him 27th overall.

2. O-Line coach Phil Rauscher

Offensive line coach Phil Rauscher will have the chance to leave his mark in Jacksonville. Rauscher was part of the staff head coach Doug Pederson put together when he was hired as the Jaguars' head coach.

Rauscher did a good job in his first season in Jacksonville: The Jaguars' offensive line gave up a reasonable 35 sacks but he inherited most of the players he worked with: Cam Robinson, Ben Bartch, and Jawaan Taylor. Center Luke Fortner was the first player he developed in Jacksonville and before you bring up Brandon Scherff, he had to learn the scheme but he's a Pro Bowl guard, so he didn't need the kind of guidance Fortner receiver.

Harrison gives Rauscher another enticing player that he can mold. It wouldn't be shocking to see Harrison have an immediate impact with Rauscher helping him untap his potential.

1. Trevor Lawrence

As noted before, the Jaguars gave up 35 sacks last year but they often gave Trevor Lawrence ample time to throw. Regardless of the number of games Cam Robinson misses due to his suspension, drafting Harrison will ensure that the Jaguars' signal-caller receives optimal protection.

Lawrence showed significant growth last year and has a chance to be a top 5 quarterback in 2023, so it makes sense that the Jaguars' brass builds the team around him.