International Jaguars fans named winners of 2023 NFL schedule

Oct 30, 2022; London, United Kingdom; Fans react during an NFL International Series game, Jacksonville Jaguars.
Oct 30, 2022; London, United Kingdom; Fans react during an NFL International Series game, Jacksonville Jaguars. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the smallest teams in the NFL from a market standpoint but they'll get the spotlight and grow their fanbase in 2023. Besides getting primetime billing three times next season, they'll play two games in London in back-to-back weeks, and international Jags fans should be ecstatic.

Speaking of London, Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports believes international Jaguars fans were huge winners in the 2023 schedule release, noting that they'll get to watch the team they root for twice next season.

"The NFL is really hinting to the overseas faithful that a particular AFC South franchise belongs to them (and, perhaps someday, in more of a literal sense). The Jags will play not one but two games on "neutral" London grass in October, and get this: they're back-to-back, meaning Trevor Lawrence and Co. will play the Falcons and Bills before an international audience in successive weeks. "

Just to be clear, the Jaguars are going nowhere. Although talks about potentially playing somewhere else while TIAA Bank undergoes renovations, that doesn't mean the Jaguars will relocate to London. They might need to temporarily play at a different venue but the organization has simply invested too many resources in the Jacksonville area to leave.

The Jags will be the first NFL team ever to play two games in London in the same season. They will first take on the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium and then the Buffalo Bills at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in Week 5. Following this year's 2023 NFL schedule release, head coach Doug Pederson shared his thoughts on playing two straight weeks in London, noting that it won't present a challenge.

"We're on the East Coast and travel is not bad", Pederson said. "When we come back and we gain the time. It doesn't really affect anything we do, preparation, nothing like that".

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have a chance to grow their fanbase in London

Local Jaguars fans might not be thrilled about the prospect of losing one home game every year but you probably share the music you're into or a series you watch with others because you surely enjoy things you like in the company of friends or family. Rooting for a football team is no different. Isn't it great to find people with are also passionate about the same things?

Anywhere you travel, you will see fans wearing Cowboys, Patriots, or Raiders jerseys. However, you will be hard-pressed to spot Jaguars gear outside of Florida. It will now be more common with the Jaguars now set to take center stage.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are poised to be one of the most competitive teams in the league in upcoming years due to the presence of Trevor Lawrence and Doug Pederson, which will help them get more national exposure. It's only fair that international fans also get to see se how much better the Jags will be in 2023.

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