How 5 former Jacksonville Jaguars players are currently doing with their new teams

• The Jaguars had several talented players in recent year, even if it didn't translate into win

• Here's how five of them are currently doing with their new teams

Oct 29, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Tennessee Titans linebacker Arden Key (49) celebrates the
Oct 29, 2023; Nashville, Tennessee, USA; Tennessee Titans linebacker Arden Key (49) celebrates the / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have come a long way since the end of the 2020 season. They're currently in first place in the AFC South and on their way to their second trip to the playoffs for the second straight year. One of the big reasons for the Jags' current success is the turnaround their roster has undergone

Over the last three years, the Jags have acquired several playmakers and bolstered most position groups. This in turn has led them to part ways with a bunch of players. Some of them have gained league-wide notoriety after leaving while others haven't done much of note. So how are these players doing with their new teams? Here's a look at five of them.

No. 5 former Jacksonville Jaguars player with a new team: Josh Dobbs, QB (Vikings)

Josh Dobbs has enjoyed a career revival in 2023. A fifth-round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2017, Dobbs spent time with several clubs before landing with the Minnesota Vikings at the trade deadline. Among his various stops are the Cleveland Browns, the Tennessee Titans, and the Arizona Cardinals. One that probably flew under the radar is his stint with the Jags in 2019.

The "Passtronaunt" joined the Jags via trade in 2019. Although he didn't register a single snap, he spent the whole season in Jacksonville. Dobbs then returned to the Steelers and mostly had a journeyman arc before being pressed into action earlier in the 2023 season. With Kyler Murray still recovering from an ACL tear he suffered last year, the Cardinals turned to Dobbs and named him the starter.

And right before the deadline, the Minnesota Vikings — needing a quarterback after Kirk Cousin's season injury — got on the phone with Arizona and traded for Dobbs. The move has seemingly paid off, with the Vikes still in the thick of the playoff race and Dobbs going 1-1 as a starter in Minneapolis.

It's true that there have been more prominent Jaguars players who have gone on to have success after their stint in Jacksonville. But in light of his recently acquired fame, it was worth bringing Dobbs up.