Draftees the Jaguars regret selecting in favor of LT Luke Joeckel in 2013

Luke Joeckel was a bad pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013 and here are four players they could've taken instead.

2013 NFL Draft
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Draftee the Jaguars regret ignoring for Luke Joeckel: Xavier Rhodes, CB

In Dave Caldwell's defense, his predecessor, Gene Smith, had left the Jaguars' roster devoid of talent. Caldwell would go on to do the same at the end of his tenure that's beside the point. Tasked with addressing several holes, Caldwell did his best to patch them all.

At cornerback, Derek Cox and Aaron Ross were ineffective in 2012 and the latter only made the news because he said that his year in Jacksonville was like taking a vacation. Rightfully, he apologized but the damage was done.

To replace Cox and Ross, the Jaguars brought in Alan Ball and Will Blackmon in 2013 but they should've strongly considered drafting Xavier Rhodes, who was scooped by the Minnesota Vikings at No. 25 in Round 1. The former Florida State Seminole appeared in 13 games with six starts as a rookie and would go on to play for the Vikes until 2020, the year he joined the Indianapolis Colts.

In his prime, Rhodes was one of the top cornerbacks in the league. Although he never had high interception totals, he's tallied 13 interceptions and 92 passes defensed throughout his career. The Jaguars drafted Jalen Ramsey in 2016 and if Rhodes had still been on the roster, the Jaguars could have potentially had one of the top cornerback duos in the league.

And while the No. 2 slot might have been too high to draft him, Caldwell could have traded down, accumulate picks (something he enjoyed doing), and take Rhodes.