CBS Sports outright omits Jaguars DE Josh Hines-Allen in pass rusher rankings

• CBS Sports outright snubbed Josh HInes-Allen in their edge rushers rankings the same day he changed his name.
Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen runs off the field after a game at EverBank Stadium.
Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen runs off the field after a game at EverBank Stadium. / Corey Perrine / USA TODAY NETWORK

Defensive end Josh Hines-Allen has gotten the spotlight several times in the offseason. Just a few months ago, he became one of the highest pass rushers in the league when the Jacksonville Jaguars gave him a monster extension. More recently, he legally changed his last name to honor his family's legacy.

The same day Hines-Allen announced the name change, he made headlines because Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports snubbed him in his pass rusher ranking ahead of the 2024 NFL season.

Benjamin ranked the top 20 pass rushers in the NFL and the player formerly known as the better Josh Allen was nowhere to be found. While the list included several worthy candidates, you could make the case that the two-time Pro Bowl defensive end is objectively better than most of them in terms of production and impact.

In case you were wondering, T.J. Watt got the top spot on the list. Myles Garrett was second and Nick Bosa landed at No. 3. Micah Parsons ranked fourth and Maxx Crosby earned the fifth spot while Danielle Hunter popped up at No. 6.

For comparison, Hines-Allen landed at No. 8 in Pro Football Focus' pass rusher rankings in late May. He should've gotten a similar spot on CBS Sports' list. After all, he was one of the most dominant pass rushers in the league last year, having set a new franchise record for sacks in a season with 17.5.

Since the Jaguars made him the seventh overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Allen has registered 45 sacks. His 90 pressures in 2023 were a career-best and ranked sixth among pass rushers in the league.

It's also worth noting that, as of this writing, if you go to NFL on CBS Sports' home page and you click on the story, the link is broken.

On a related note, Mike Dempsey of 1010 XL was one of many Twitter users who jokingly suggested that Benjamin omitted Hines-Allen from the ranking because he was turned off by his new last name.

Jaguars DE Josh Allen is a top-10 pass rusher despite CBS Sports' snub

Maybe it was an oversight, but regardless of the reason, Josh Hines-Allen is one of the top pass rushers in the league. That the snub took place the same day he changed his last name was just curious.

But as great as Hines-Allen has been, he's setting his sights on bigger things. After getting a monster extension in the offseason, he's aiming at getting Defensive Player of the Year honors and helping Jacksonville win their first Super Bowl. Based on the progress he's made and his impact on the Jaguars defense, both goals could be within reach.

Of course, Hines-Allen cannot do it alone, but he's doing his part to ensure he's got a favorable chance. Even though players are taking a break before they report to training camp, the former Kentucky Wildcat is working out with teammate Andre Cisco.

This has an eventful offseason for Josh Hines-Allen. Imagine what kind of things he'll do on the football field during the regular season.

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